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'Past Projects'

Focus on innovative business sectors and disruptive industries

  • Telemedicine Psychotherapy
  • Mental Health Diagnostics and Interventions
  • Neurodegenerative Disease Research
  • Live Events, Arts & Culture
  • Web3 Entertainment Projects
  • Imaginative CPG Campaigns
  • Philanthropy & Non-profits

Wonder Sciences Inc.

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Co-Founder of Wonder Research

Joined Wonder Sciences as one of five initial employees.

Started as a legal & regulatory coordinator, eventually becoming Director of Strategic Initiatives.

Conceptualized the Wonder Sciences ecosystem - creating a positive feedback loop between current telemedicine protocols, data analytics, and development of future treatment offerings.

Led a team of scientific researchers and clinicians in building a treatment pipeline for psychiatric indications.

Created proposals for preclinical studies on novel formulations and observational studies on generics.

Developed procedures for new psychiatric interventions, including therapeutic integration protocols.

Oversaw the drafting and final product – investor documents, data room, strategic update decks.

Conducted industry research and analysis – entheogenic (psychedelic) medicine and telemedicine psychotherapy.      

Drafted and filed patents on novel formulations and methods of use – modulation of different neurotransmitter receptor networks, therapeutic modules, diagnostics, etc.

Executed partnerships and vendor agreements with manufacturers and research organizations.

Created diagnostic and analytical frameworks incorporating psychometric and biometric data.

Check out Gleb discussing some of his work with Wonder Sciences in an interview for Madhappy's mental health blog, The Local Optimist:
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Creative Strategy Specialist

Brand Strategy

Created comprehensive branding guidelines using archetypal branding methods. Led clients through workshops and presented final reports.

Worked with web designers, copywriters, social media managers, etc. to bring brands to life.

Lead Strategist

The Luckiest Club
Libra Therapeutics
Robot Heart (burning man camp)
Fare Forward Music Festival

Supporting Strategist

Blaze Pizza
Kroma Wellness
Piñata Rent Rewards

Web3 Strategy

Built new business models bringing the entertainment industry into the 'metaverse.' Advising celebrity talent and established IP on how to generate new revenue drivers.

Created a web3 gamification system to incentivize philanthropic participation in the building of libraries in Africa.

Authored a storyline intersecting real-life space travel operations with a new web3 project to highlight developments in space technology. Developed a faction system to be built out alongside video game IP and other spin-offs.

Creative Lead

Nelson Mandela Foundation / Mandelaverse
Vaxxinity (NYSE: VAXX) / Frontier Development Lab