Orpheus Creative, Inc.


Bringing artistic ideas to life.

Promoting and contributing to great works.

Music, sculpture, fine arts, film, print, fashion ...
the medium doesn’t matter to us!

The driving forces behind all emotionally and energetically captivating works are the universal concepts that are presented to the observer.

These artistic symbols, whether read, viewed, or heard, speak to eternally occurring patterns of nature and creation.

Plato called these symbols 'Forms.' Carl Jung called them 'Archetypes.'

Orpheus Creative helps artists with the conceptual, operational, and financial components of their projects.

Business Strategy for Arts & Entertainment

Develop operational functions for projects in music, film, fashion, and the arts.

Working with creators to establish OKRs, (objectives and key results).

Setting up platforms for brainstorming and mutual collaboration.

Helping artists manage their time effectively in order that they may bring their creative ideas to market.

Artistic Concept Ideation & Execution

Develop fleshed-out concepts for projects in music, film, fashion, and the arts.

Aligning creators and their works with philosophical, psychological and historical ideas.

Bringing a higher level of thoughtfulness to the arts.

Creating frameworks for developing new narratives, characters, concepts, etc.

Utilizing a network of creators and representatives to bring projects to fruition..