Orpheus Creative, Inc.


Comprehensive Strategic Services

Three Client Categories

Short Term: 'CSO-in-a-box'

Create strategic frameworks across operations, business development, brand strategy, financial modeling, etc. working with key stakeholders.

Deliverables handed off to executive team.

Intermediate Term: Special Operations Project Management

Put together workflows, timelines, cost structures for new campaigns and initiatives.

Phased approach that considers the achievement of critical KPIs to establish proof of concept before allocation of significant resources.

Bringing together a network of researchers, graphic designers, web developers, growth marketers, etc. to build full teams on behalf of the client without adding significant payroll expense.

Long Term: Advisory and Strategic Consulting on Retainer

Attend internal meetings to advise on strategic considerations.

Generate relationships on behalf of client.

Assist in fundraising, development of novel revenue drivers, strategic capital investments.

Provide psychological insights on potential consumer and investor behavior.

Focused Service Offerings

Three Focused Service Categories

Brand Strategy

Create a customized brand strategy that balances emotional and functional components.

Using proven archetypal branding frameworks, adding creative language and behavioral insights.

Providing conceptual clarity, artistic direction for logo and content, and telling the story of your brand.

Concept Deck Creation +

Draft documents and create presentations for internal and external use.

Integrate Business Strategy + Brand Guidelines + Financial Forecasts in a narrative format for presentation.

Partnership + Vendor Strategy

Identify best partners and suppliers based on different criteria: market awareness, competency, economic value, brand cohesiveness.

Market Research across industry verticals.

Outreach and organic relationship building.