Orpheus Creative, Inc.


Gleb Kharkin
Chief Strategist

  • Served as Director of Strategic Initiatives for a telemedicine and biotech start-up.

    Led Research & Development strategy, looking to innovate in the field of mental health interventions and telemedicine psychotherapy.

    Identified market needs in mental health treatment and developed solutions to address the increasing rate of anxiety disorders and depressive disorders.

  • Contracted to work for a branding and digital product agency as a Brand Strategist.

    Served as lead strategist for branding accounts using an archetypal branding framework.

    Developed brand guidelines using a proprietary model that builds upon traditional archetypal branding practices.

  • Served as a General Strategist for a web3 entertainment venture backed by a large talent agency.

    Executed on business strategy and creative frameworks. Created new systems of engagement for web3 utility.

    Crafted storylines dissolving the barrier between physical and digital worlds.

  • The ventures that Gleb helped conceptualize and build have raised over $8 million dollars in capital (all pre-revenue) since 2020.

Education & Differentiated Skillset

1. Economics and Financial Modeling

Gleb graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A in Economics and a Minor in Business Finance from the Marshall School of Business.

Prior to his work in business strategy, he spent his college years interning as a financial analyst for wealth and asset management firms.

Gleb has experience working on financial models ranging from simple revenue and cost assumptions to complex profit-sweeping templates.

2. Psychology and Behavioral Science

Gleb's academic focus reaches beyond traditional economics, into the field of behavioral economics and neuroeconomics.

Gleb stays updated on advances in behavioral economics (the behavioral study of decision making and resource allocation) and uses these concepts to inform business decisions.

While the field of behavioral economics has largely been relegated to academic discourse, Gleb actively looks to introduce theory into practice.

As a great admirer of the work of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, Gleb has extensively studied archetypes in the context of analytical psychology, irrationality of economic agents, and as a proven branding framework.

3. Creativity

For each project, Gleb maintains a high-level understanding of financial KPIs and psychological drivers for both consumers and investors.

With these insights serving as the foundation, he is able to come up with creative, 'out-of-the-box' solutions and models that bring a bit of fun to each project while accomplishing client needs.